About Us

Using advanced computer and laser technology we laser etch for companies world-wide,
reproducing photography, illustrations, logos and fine art images on slate, granite, marble, glass, plastics, anodised aluminium, wood and leather all at our studio just outside of Edinburgh in Scotland.

We have license agreements with artists and photographers covering a wide range of styles from wildlife and classic art to photographers and custom designers. Let us know what your after and we will try to find it.

We can etch an image of any size (Yes, even larger than a football pitch), with any single tile as large as 96" x 48" (4ft x 8ft). When tiling an image we can make your ideas as large as is required.

We are constantly experimenting with new materials and ideas, so please visit our website often to see the latest products and services.

Our mission is to offer the highest quality laser engraving possible, in a quick cost-effective manner.

Our knowledge of laser technology and the processing technique allows us to provide our customers a level of expertise and confidence unsurpassed.

We are constantly striving to exceed our customers expectations.