Application Showcase

Give us a call and we will help you turn your next project into a unique creation be it

  • a portrait on slate, granite, marble or glass, such as a wedding picture
  • a fireplace hearth, with a family crest or image
  • a customised backsplash
  • mirrors
  • a floor inlay feature for a hallway, to a complete floor design
  • a presentation or dedication plaque.
  • a family tree
  • edgelit signage and displays, etching on acrylic is spectacular when lit up
  • counter tops, table tops, back splashes
  • unique and personalised gifts
  • photography and fine art reproduction
  • original or limited artwork reproduction
  • tasteful memorials
  • pet memorials
  • signage and shop fronts
  • edge-lit acrylic wall panels,
  • feature walls and murals,
  • display panelling,
  • wall hangings

Dramatic Interior and Exterior Design Effects