Useful Information
Photo Selection

Remember the better the original image, the sharper and more detailed the etching will be.

The actual photograph can be sent or we can accept a digital image

Any clear picture, whether black and white or coloured will work, though our preference is to work with a coloured image.

A glossy print will give better results than a matte print, but either will work.

The photograph should have good contrast and be in focus.

The subject(s) should not be too close to the edges of the photo.

Please state whether you want the whole picture used or what part you want to zoom in on.

Keep in mind the size and shape of the etched image before choosing your photo.

Photos with the subjects close to the edge can be used, but there could be an additional image editing cost.

Please contact us if you have any questions about the usability of a photo.

We will notify you of any problems with the photo before any work is started.

Extra editing on the photograph, such as removing the background or combining photos, can be done for an additional fee charged at £25 per hour.

Call or email for pricing.
One of our representatives will contact you to discuss any necessary additional work.

Please contact us if you have any questions.
We reserve the right to refuse orders using photographs we decide are inappropriate.