What we do

We etch high quality images, logos and even text into stone, glass or onto almost any other material

The etching process begins with high-quality images, pictures, designs, logos or text.
We either scan or downloaded these into a computer, and then digitally enhance and size as required.
Once the image is ready, the data is transferred to the laser for etching.

We produce the most intricate of designs using high specification equipment (whose tolerance is 0.001 inch).

We work on a broad range of materials and objects - ranging from small coasters to large

We will laser etch your image be it a photograph, image, or logo onto almost any material, alternatively you may decide to use one of our images or designs.

Even though our etchings are not deeply cut the images are very durable and able to weather the elements.
This durability makes laser-etched images ideal for granite monuments, countertops, signs, corporate promotional material, wall murals, tile floors and floor insets, and other granite, marble, slate, glass applications.

Our standard materials are black granite, black marble, dark slate and glass and acrylic.
It is possible to etch many different materials so please call or email us to find out if we can etch your material.